Obsession: Fallon Lion Wrap Bracelet

I’m a Leo.

We Leo’s obviously love lions.

I love what a lion represents and it seemed fitting that one be my company logo.

So when I was peering into the jewelry case at Barney’s and spied the Fallon Lion Wrap bracelet, I couldn’t leave without it.

Photo: www.charmandchain.com

I love the take on the lion door knocker.

My one of my company colors is orange so had to get that version of the bracelet.

It’s a business expense, right?

And with the $160 price point it didn’t break the bank,


I had to get the earrings too.

Check out other great Fallon items by the talented Dana Lorenz at:


or her higher end line


xoxo Carrie

Bike in Style

I don’t have a bike and I want one. I’d like to peddle to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a few things or to zip over to a friend’s house. I need a basket of course and I think I have to get this one for the name alone…” Carrie Basket”.

I am a Fornasetti addict, so this would be my dream bike.

Fornasetti Bike

Missed the “Missoni for Target” boat. When I got to the store (30 minutes after they opened btw) all they had were a couple random towels, but would have loved to have scored this beauty.

Do you think Tom Ford has one in his garage from his Gucci days?

Gucci Bike

But I think this bike is going to be mine….it feels right, it’s affordable, a west coast company makes it and it’s retro-chic.

Linus Bike

 xoxo Carrie