My Two Cents about Scents

I walked by the perfume counter today and got a whiff of my former favorite perfume, Herve Leger for Women.  It was the scent I wore when I met my husband.  I promptly bought a bottle.

The smell brought back so many memories and feelings and it got me to thinking about what scents I love and remember.  It’s such a personal thing this scent business.  They evoke moods and memories, one whiff and the visions and feelings come flooding back.

 I remember my Mom’s Youth Dew perfume in the blue bottle. I would try it it out and get caught because I was a little heavy on the spray.  I would breath it in when she kissed me good night before going out with my Dad, it made it easier to fall asleep.

I saved my allowance in 5th grade so I could buy a bottle of Loves Baby Soft.  I peddled my bike to Osco Drug Store with my best friend Gail to make the purchase.  We then treated ourselves to lunch at McDonald’s with the left over money. That was living large in Central Illinois.

Junior High was all about Charlie.

To look like this model was what I strived for. That and a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans.


When the Prep in me came out, I was devoted to Lauren, by Ralph Lauren. A flipped up Polo collar,  monogrammed Papagallo sweater and coordinating Bermuda Bag (monogrammed of course) and I was good to go.

In college I was in love with Calvin Klein’s Obsession.  Brat Pack and Sorority Days.

The late 80’s and early 90’s brought on  Coco by Chanel and Paloma Picasso.   My style icon was Tina Chow.  I was sporting a Linda Evangelista haircut, red Chanel lip stick, shoulder pads, and a uniform of black turtlenecks and leather jackets.

Today I am loyal to Hermes Caleche and  Chanel #5.

I have come into my own and am comfortable in my style and taste.

I don’t follow the perfume trends anymore.  And that’s okay.

That is what is great about growing up.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin.

It’s a wonderful thing.

xoxo Carrie

Pretty Packages

Pretty Packages

We all like to get and give pretty things and there is no reason not to have pretty every day things in your house as well.

It is one of the simple things you can do to help make your house a home.

These pretty little things don’t have to be fancy at all.

A cute soap pump, a great spice container, glass bottles of milk or soda in your fridge.

Here are some of my favorite packages and packaging

for items I like to give, get and buy.

The most delicious smelling soap around and it looks great on a counter!

Claus Porto Soap 

Gorgeous Packaging and even more gorgeous looking delights are  inside.

 So excited there is one in NYC now and plan on hitting it up when we are there next month

Laudree Paris


If you are an Angelino you can go to Bottega Louie for a hostess gift or party favor.

 Perfect for baby or bridal shower and your Easter Brunch Table.

  The pastel boxes will make any occasion a happy one!

Seriously Chic Toothpaste

Marvis Toothpaste

Awesome for a hostess gift.

Turquoise and Yellow are a snappy color combo.

Seattle Chocolate

Hitachino Beer  is not only great looking it is great tasting.

 A great beer option for your parties whether they are fancy or casual.

I always have a supply on hand, and it doesn’t hurt that they look cute in the fridge!

Most  Whole Foods carries the brand.


Anything in a Hermes box is a good thing.

This is a package I like receive.

I do hope my husband is reading this.

Tiffany & Co.

Ahhh Tiffany’s.

So cute and who doesn’t like to open a blue box?

So what is your favorite packaging and why?

xoxo Carrie

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