Falling in Love Again


When you are with your mate for a long time, you get used to them. You love them without doubt, but life, kids, etc. takes a toll on a relationship.  You know what I’m talking about….It’s just not sexy time as much as it once was.

And then one ordinary day you take a second look and realize why you fell in love in the first place. And bam… all the fun, goodness and sexiness comes roaring back .

Just like when you  were falling in love.

Jonathan Adler

Well I have always loved Jonathan Adler. His quirky goodness. His campy style.

It was love at first site.

I have some his earliest pieces of pottery. They’re classics. But then, I took him for granted and started driving by his store.

 Occasionally, popping in for a gift,  a decorative pillow, some bookends.  But I wasn’t coveting any furniture.  I kind of just got used to his designs being around and started to ignore what was going on in his stores.

And then one ordinary day, I took a second look and realized why I fell for him and his work.

Now, I’m in love all over again.

Here are some of the things that are rocking my world and must have!

Rio Pendant

The Rio 


This is a great pendant light. I think it could work in a multitude of rooms.


Maxime Chair


Spring is certainly coming in more like a Lamb than a Lion.

I am mad for shearling and fluffy lamb decor.

It’s catching on!

Mongolian Lamb Stool

Mongolian Lamb Stool


My friend Monica was just coveting some lucite and shearling stools on Ebay.

Wait till she sees this number.

Pagoda Umbrella

Pagoda Umbrella


This outdoor umbrella has great big style!

It makes me want to re-think all my outdoor decor.

Junior Hand Sanitizer Cozy

The Junior Hand Sanitizer Cozy


No germs around here with the adorable needle point hand sanitizer cozy.

Who really wants to look at that unpleasant plastic bottle on a counter?

Sun Jute Pouch

Sun Jute Pouch


The perfect little pouch to throw in your beach bag!

Money, keys, lip balm, i-phone, ponytail holders, sun screen, done.


Brass Peacock Table


I sure would be proud to own this Peacock table!

I’m so glad I fell in love again.

I hope you can too.

It’s fun.

xoxo Carrie

The Find- A Must Have Beach Towel for Summer!

I just ordered new Beach Towels for the Family and I must say they are the bomb!

I’ve taken them to the pool a couple of times and have received numerous compliments.

I just had to share.

Vintage Island Print Beach Towel

Land’s End

I ordered the towels from Land’s End.  I know Land’s End is kind of old school, but I have to say their swimsuits and beach towels never fail me.  This order was no exception.  These cuties are extra long (over 6 feet), fluffy, soft, and the trim is an adorable gingham.  I monogrammed everything in Navy.  The towels are available in Red/Navy/Green Island Print. The best part is the affordable $35 price tag.

Check my towel out!

Adorable Gingham Trim.

I went with red because I already own red LL Bean Boat & Totes for the Family.  A Boat & Tote is a must have, a household staple.  Buy one, and you’ll never regret it.  They hold everything and last forever.  Classic and simple, they never go out of style.

 I am packing my new purchases and heading with the Family to a friend’s Beach House this weekend.

I can’t wait for a little R&R.

I hope you all have an fabulous long weekend!

xoxo Carrie