Who Am I?

I am a midwestern gal raised in Normal, Illinois and currently living in Los Angeles. I am obsessed with interior design and the hunt of finding awesome things for the home. I try to furnish my clients homes with found objects … from the streets,  flea markets, hole in the wall shops and my favorite haunts in the midwest. My motto is to “Salvage in Style”. I love that every piece has a story and not a number from a catalog. It’s also pretty cool to reuse, recycle and reinvent.

Entertaining, cooking, and lifestyle are paramount to my happiness. I like pretty things and funny people.

What is Pearle and Pierce Home?

Pearle and Pierce Home is named after my Dad, Earle “ The Pearle” and Pierce is my daughter’s middle name. Two people who inspire me daily.
On the Pearle and Pierce Home Site you can buy things for the home that I’ve curated for the store. You can hire me for interior design projects, or just read my blog where I hope you will be inspired by my interior design crushes, passions, muses, and obsessions.

Personal Stuff

I have an awesome husband who was blind date #30 and I strolled down the aisle at 40. My daughter Caroline is just like me, only better in every way. That’s why I stopped at 1. I am certain that my Spanish Water Dog Pablo is a boy trapped in a dog suit. He is my co-pilot and goes everywhere with me.

I hope you join me on my design adventures. I am always on the hunt for new pieces and discovering new passions. So check back often, I update my site regularly!


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