The Fabulous Fig


It’s that time of year.

Fig Season!

Stuffed with blue Cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, roasted and served on top of arugula with a crunchy bread.



Plopped onto a tart, bread or made into jam.

How about the Fig Newton?

Figs are fabulous.

My friend Kate Paul (of Foodink and Basil Limeade Fame) even has a Fig Fest (which I will report on later) to celebrate the magical fruit.

Here are some photos from years past.

The love affair with the fig doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen.

You can live with a tree year round.

No fruit, but the glorious big leaves are just as good.

This Marion Fig is one of my favorites for the home.

I think that everyone should have a tree and plants of some sort in their home.

Photo: Elle Decor

If you have a black thumb you can always use Peter Dunham’s fabulous fig fabric

Photos: Peter Dunham Interior Design

Here’s another way to get a little Fig into your life.

The Fig Diptyque smells divine!

All your undies in the dirty clothes hamper?

Just grab a fig leaf.

xoxo Carrie

6 responses

  1. I am a Dyptique figuier addict. And funny—just purchased my first figs at farmers market this morning and drizzled with a little honey for G’s afternoon snack. Great post!

  2. Oh I love the fig. Love it so much! Figs, grilled, mashed on toast. Top with honey, yoghurt & drizzle of lemon juice. Roast Lamb, chop figs into pan juices & deglaze with a rose. Still working on fig fest’s date this year, possibly post Labour Day as the Fig Grill Master (Mike) is away until then! What a great post! xo

  3. I grew up on figs from my Italian grandfather. He dug a big coffin- sized hole in the ground every fall and buried his tree. This protected the tree from the harsh winters in Chicago. It was a celebration each spring when we would erect the tree. I just couldn’t wait for the fruit in the fall.
    I am half fig and italian……
    Now I have 2 fig trees at my home in Palm Springs!

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