A Polka Dot Present

I love my Birthday Present from my sis in law Jen & Hubby Lu.

You can see why.

As most of you know I am a sucker for packaging and present presentation.

Much to my pleasure was the book inside.

 A book of work by Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama.

Kusama is the artist behind the dots.

 She has seen dots since her childhood and sees them as an inspiration for her art and also a way to understand her mental illness.

Plagued by  mental illness she voluntarily checked herself into a Japanese mental institution in 1977 where she still resides and works .

She is finally getting her due, with a retrospective that opened this month at The Whitney Museum of American Art and runs through September.

  Truly a unique and astounding talent.

So what’s the deal withLouis Vuitton ?

Well, Vuitton is one of the sponsors of the show.

In addition,Kusama and Vuitton Creative Director, Marc Jacobs collaborated on the Summer 2012 collection.

It’s awesome.

Thanks for the present Jen!

xoxo Carrie

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