Mad for Plaid

I’m Mad for Plaid.

I’ll blame it on my Scottish Heritage (que bagpipes).

I’m a descendent of the McIntosh and McGregor Clans, so how could I not like plaid?

McIntosh Plaid

MacGregor Plaid

I love a little plaid in any room.

Photo: Domino Magazine (RIP)

In my opinion one can never have too many plaid blankets and throws.

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: Domino Magazine (RIP)

I love this Michael Smith room.

The plaid pillows in conjunction with the saffron and red patterned pillow make the sofa sing.

Love this retro chic plaid room.


I have been wanting to use this plaid on one of my design projects.


How cute is it on this bench?

Plaid Knoll Chairs

How cool is this plaid foot stool?  It is actually made from an old vintage skirt.


I bought this Prada bag last summer.

It’s the perfect “Mom” bag, hard to ruin, can handle crushed Goldfish Crackers, and anything else I put in it’s path.

But above all else it is cute.

If I were in the market for another plaid bag, I’d jump all over this Celine gem.


I love this plaid on plaid outfit.

The cut of the pant, jewelry selection and shoes make it current and hip.


Classic Prep Plaid Ensemble

J Crew’s Plaid Fashion Statement


Letter Press AND Plaid, seriously chic.

Hand over the keys.

xoxo Carrie

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