Such a Hoot

Seems like owls are every where now.

It’s like the little bird craze few years back.

There always seems to be a creature of the moment and I am glad the owl is getting it’s due.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a owl in the wild.

An amazing creature that took my breath away.

Here’s a little selection of items featuring the wise old bird.

I love these bronze owls from 610 Home.

Perfect mantle or shelf filler.

They are next on my list.

  One of a pair of Owl Planters which I just scored at Brainworks!

I am searching for the perfect spot.

I grew up with owl andirons.

I would lay in front at the fireplace staring at the glass eyeballs lit up by the flames, glowing bright.

 My sister Darbie has them now and I am jealous.

Owl wallpaper.

I would love this owl to keep watch over one of my rooms.


Owl Pillow simple, blue and a great accent for chair, sofa or bed.

I’ve purchased several organic Owl storage baskets from 3 Sprouts for my design clients.

It’s so hard to find cute storage for kids stuff and these do the trick.

This cameo can be hung from a chain or velvet ribbon.

It also has a pin so you can fasten on a piece of clothing.

How cool are these hand painted owl Vans?
I need a pair for running around.

I am sure drinking out of these owl glasses from  Chic Shop would make me much wiser.
$145 for a set of 6

These plate from West Elm are adorable and affordable.

I love the little guy in the tree.

Owl Cookies

The Cashew Nose + M n’ M eyes=Genius

I think my favorite owl of all time is Woodsy.

“Give A Hoot Don’t Pollute” was his mantra.

Certainly all you readers who were around in the 70’s had a poster of this guy in your classroom.

xoxo Carrie

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