Such a Hoot

Seems like owls are every where now.

It’s like the little bird craze few years back.

There always seems to be a creature of the moment and I am glad the owl is getting it’s due.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a owl in the wild.

An amazing creature that took my breath away.

Here’s a little selection of items featuring the wise old bird.

I love these bronze owls from 610 Home.

Perfect mantle or shelf filler.

They are next on my list.

  One of a pair of Owl Planters which I just scored at Brainworks!

I am searching for the perfect spot.

I grew up with owl andirons.

I would lay in front at the fireplace staring at the glass eyeballs lit up by the flames, glowing bright.

 My sister Darbie has them now and I am jealous.

Owl wallpaper.

I would love this owl to keep watch over one of my rooms.


Owl Pillow simple, blue and a great accent for chair, sofa or bed.

I’ve purchased several organic Owl storage baskets from 3 Sprouts for my design clients.

It’s so hard to find cute storage for kids stuff and these do the trick.

This cameo can be hung from a chain or velvet ribbon.

It also has a pin so you can fasten on a piece of clothing.

How cool are these hand painted owl Vans?
I need a pair for running around.

I am sure drinking out of these owl glasses from  Chic Shop would make me much wiser.
$145 for a set of 6

These plate from West Elm are adorable and affordable.

I love the little guy in the tree.

Owl Cookies

The Cashew Nose + M n’ M eyes=Genius

I think my favorite owl of all time is Woodsy.

“Give A Hoot Don’t Pollute” was his mantra.

Certainly all you readers who were around in the 70’s had a poster of this guy in your classroom.

xoxo Carrie

 Top Photo:

Use Your Brain and Shop at This Great New Store!

I was traveling down Pico to my upholsterer and stumbled upon a great new store.

It’s called Brainworks Home Vintage Decor and I dig it!

 They not only have terrific vintage furniture but they also have vintage hardware and wallpaper.  A good resource for decorators and all those who love interior design.

I met the owner Erin Adams and her adorable son and left with a long list of wants. I am going back tomorrow to do some damage.  Brainworks has been in business since 1988 and has a successful business providing artists and artisans for residential and commercial interior design projects locally and nationally. Consider them a designer dating service…they specialize in pairing you with the perfect creative partner for your project. Check out their site for more details on all their creative services.

There are many cool curated decorative pieces and furniture in the store, all hand picked by Erin. Her experience as a commercial art director, artisan, flea market lover and interior designer made the store front seem like a natural evolution and off shoot for her already thriving business.

Brainworks Home Vintage Decor

Brainworks Inc.

Address: 5364 W. Pico Bl. Los Angeles Ca. 90019

Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm

Phone: 323-782-1425

So stop and check out Brainworks.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Carrie

Father’s Day

My Father, Earle “The Pearle” Johnson was one of a kind.  I am so thankful for the time I had with him.  It was short, but the love he gave me during the years he was alive will last my entire life.

To grow up with unconditional and unwavering love is a gift. Even when he wanted to wring my neck there was never any question that he  was on my side. He allowed me to have a point of view and he listened it as long as I was honest, kind, and treated others with decency.  He wasn’t a push over by any means, he was strong, stoic and thoughtful. He chose his words carefully and as a result he never regretted anything he said and I can’t recall him ever saying an unkind word to me in the heat of the moment (and trust me I pushed him to the edge.  I was a lippy teen).

  My Father had three girls and treated each of us differently because he recognized we were different people, yet he managed to make us all feel like we were treated and loved equally. He adored my Mother and respected her. He supported her freedom and allowed her to be independent even in times where many men didn’t. The equality I felt in my own home has helped me to see the equality in all people.

How do you thank the person who made you feel real love in the purest selfless form?

You try to pass it on to your own children and to set the example that was set for you.

Luckily, I found a man who would stand up to the legacy of my Father and I married him.

My daughter Caroline and I are lucky indeed.

Happy Fathers Day!

Cooking Club

Tonight’s Table

Way back when I was single, had roommates, and worked as a talent agent I decided to start a cooking club with my friend Cornelia. I remember we were sitting in a now defunct restaurant in Hollywood drinking wine, out much later than we should have been on a work night.  Besides having the prerequisite single girls conversation; fashion, boys and work, we found we both had a yearning to become better cooks and entertainers.  We already entertained quite a bit but we wanted to learn more, to master things we were afraid of (for me it was bread dough) and to also create an opportunity to carve out some quality time with good girl friends who were of like mind and wanted to learn some things in the kitchen. And so the Cooking Club was born.

I hosted the first cooking club in my tiny apartment kitchen that I shared with my dear friend Interior Designer Mary Luby and Yoga Booty Ballet Creator Gillian Martloth. I prepared cornish game hens and a wild rice dish.  It was all about quick, simple, sure to wow recipes. We drank too much and though the food was delicious, the evening was more like me conducting a cooking lesson on the Foodnetwork. We have learned a lot in the 10 years the Cooking Club has been in existence and now our get togethers are collborative and themed based.

Sally’s Spread for Spanish Cooking Club

(she had the items sent from Spain)

Alix working on her Biscotti for Italian Night

Stacy and Vanessa cooking up Garlic Flavored Oil for Broccolini

Toppings and Fresh Pizza Dough for our Pizza Night

Lettuce Wraps

Jessica and Clarke Sporting Bindi’s for Indian Night

Indian Night Table @ Alix’s House

Celebrating Lulu’s Book “Lulu Powers, Food to Flowers” with a Table Scape Using Some of her Tips

Our group now consists of some professionals in the food biz which has put the cooking on a much higher level.  We “tease” when someone hasn’t put much time into a dish or if they make the same thing numerous times, but we are all quite serious about our cooking.  Most of us have had a big flop (except the fabulous Caterer Lulu Powers) and great successess.  We have bumped it up even more now by taking special care in our tablescapes.

Lulu’s Summer Table

Clarke’s Favorite Things Dinner

Malibu Beach Food @ Sally’s

The members have changed through the years, but we now have a core group that has been going strong for years. There are some ladies I only see when we get together, others that I see more often, but I adore each and every member and learn so much (not just in cooking but in life). There have been weddings, babies, divorces, job losses, and career changes.  We have lost parents and pets. Members have moved away.  We have even been in national magazines and on television. But the desire to learn, cook, to be wonderful hosts and entertainers is still what drives us all.

Some of the other Cooking Club members have blogs you should check out!

Sally Horchow “Very Good Looking”

Lulu Powers    “Living La Lulu”

Heather Fogarty  “The Foodinista”

I am hosting tonight, so off to go do a little prep.

Happy Cooking Everyone!

xoxo Carrie

Pretty Pitchers

I am a collector.

Fornasetti, McCoy Pottery, Shoes, Cloisonne

and Pitchers.

I can’t seem to get enough.

 I love them and have them stored and also displayed throughout my house.

I love pitchers over flowing with flowers.

I love this table scape.


I think this is my favorite pitcher of all time.

I bought it at a great antique store in Bloomington, Illinois and hand carried it back to Los Angeles.  It has found a forever home with me.

I also love Mexican Handcrafted Pitchers.

Beautiful craftsmanship and beyond gorgeous.

I am coveting this pitcher by Salvador Teran

I need to start saving!

Photo: Vintage & Modern


I have wanted these pitchers ever since spying one at my friend Alexis’s house.

The lapis parrots are to die for.

Yet another Mexican Pitcher I am eyeing.


My collecting began over 20 years ago when I bought the all familiar Italian Rooster Pitcher.

The famous Italian Ceramic Italian Rooster Pitcher symbolizes “Good Fortune” and/or “Good Luck” and is believed to protect one from dangers.   It is an Italian tradition to give a ceramic Italian rooster pitcher to a friend or relative, ideally as a housewarming or wedding gift.

Photo: Anthropologie

Anthropologie always has a selection of great pitchers.

 I always wait for their sales and have managed to score some at great prices.

Photo: Crate & Barrel

The Crate & Barrel Ona Pitcher is staple in a lot of homes.  It’s modern lines makes it the perfect dinner party water pitcher.

I have four at home.  When I am hosting a large dinner I can put one on every table.  And the $26 price point makes it not only good-looking but affordable.

Whether the pitcher is useful, pretty,necessary, extravagant, or practical, I will always have room for another.

What do you collect? Do tell.

xoxo Carrie

Foodink’s Basil Limeade+Vodka. The Perfect Summer Cocktail.

Here is my favorite cocktail of late.

My Official Summer 2012 Drink

Basil Limeade

Muddled Strawberries



 I get my Basil Limeade from good friend Chef Kate Paul(FoodInk Catering) and her new Gourmet To Go Cafe on La Brea. It’s an awesome place and you do not have to fight the crowds, or have to circle around and around to find parking like you do at Joan’s On Third.  I load up weekly on a couple freshly made bottles. She’s my dealer.

Gourmet To Go packages the Limeade in gorgeous french lemonade bottles with a cute ribbon, it can go from store to table. The cost is $15.00.  If you bring the bottle back you can get a re-fill for $8 or if you are in the green mode, bring your own quart size container and get it filled for $12.

Kate also suggests using the Limeade for a quick and delicious Margarita or add some Ginger Ale for a Virgin Cooler.  And while you are at home enjoying your drinks, you can add some Limeade into a shallow dish or tray and put into the freezer, fork every hour and viola you will have a refreshing Granita to enjoy.

If you are hosting cocktails or just having a nice evening at home I suggest you pick up a fabulous cheese platter and some of her to die for parmesan crackers.  I also love her prosciutto, dolce di latte, fig crostini and tomato tart tatin, goat cheese and baby basil.  You’ll be set for cocktail hour in one stop and little effort.

I could go on an on about all her delicious stuff….desserts galore, shrimp coconut curry soup, truffle mac n cheese ready to heat, salads, sandwiches, and perfect foodie hostess gifts too!  This place is da bomb and don’t even get me started on her catering…..

And the best part is that if you mention Pearle and Pierce Home, you’ll receive 15% off your order.

Head over today, you won’t be disappointed!


Gourmet 2 Go

La Brea Blvd.

Open  Tuesday to Sunday


323 934 9401

 xoxo Carrie

Popsicle’s That Won’t Melt

I am loving these purple and pink popsicle’s.

These yummy pieces of art are by Chicago Artist Brian Bonebrake.

 Bonebrake takes everyday objects to create color-saturated, large-scale, extraordinary paintings.

You can check out his work in person at the hip, new Chicago store, Judy Maxwell Home.

I am putting this store on my must stop and shop next time I am visiting The Windy City.

I love these Cherry Candles.  A perfect hostess gift.

Adorable Lamp!

For you Chicagoan’s  head on over to check out the art and other great objects!

Judy Maxwell Home

1151 N. State Street





xoxo Carrie

Mad for Magenta

Magenta flowers on my mantle.

I tend to get a little color obsessed.  I fixate on a color and have to surround myself with it…..yellow, peacock blue, and the latest, Magenta.

 Maybe it was the magenta peonies and stalk I purchased this week.   I am hoping to use magenta on a current project for a client and have been searching the PDC for fabrics that utilize this color.

Who knows where this obsession originated, but I am digging it.

My Breakfast Table Arrangement.

Essie Sure Shot

I was so into Magenta this week that I had my mani/pedi done in the color.

This bag would make me happy.

 Thinking about what to wear with it I realized it goes with everything….black, blue, gray, white.

A wardrobe staple. I need it.

YSL Magenta Bag


I have been in love with David Hicks La Florentina in Magenta/ Wine fabric since it appeared in Ruthie Sommers Living Room on the the first edition cover of Domino Magazine.  Ruthie Sommers is a a decorating genius, I love everything she does. The sofa is classic that will always remain fresh and current.

The Magenta patterned chairs make this room.

It’s a strong color but it works well here with the other more subtle colors because they are all warm tones.

Photo: Elle Decor


Even a little pop of this color goes a long way.  Check out the built in book cases in this Rome Apartment


The fireplace+ walls=delicious

Photo: Elle Decor


You can also add a little Magenta magic to your dining table with this William Yeoward set of  china.



 The old school Negroni Cocktail is a gorgeous shade of Magenta.

I’ll Drink to That.

Cheers to Magenta!

xoxo Carrie