The Find- A Must Have Beach Towel for Summer!

I just ordered new Beach Towels for the Family and I must say they are the bomb!

I’ve taken them to the pool a couple of times and have received numerous compliments.

I just had to share.

Vintage Island Print Beach Towel

Land’s End

I ordered the towels from Land’s End.  I know Land’s End is kind of old school, but I have to say their swimsuits and beach towels never fail me.  This order was no exception.  These cuties are extra long (over 6 feet), fluffy, soft, and the trim is an adorable gingham.  I monogrammed everything in Navy.  The towels are available in Red/Navy/Green Island Print. The best part is the affordable $35 price tag.

Check my towel out!

Adorable Gingham Trim.

I went with red because I already own red LL Bean Boat & Totes for the Family.  A Boat & Tote is a must have, a household staple.  Buy one, and you’ll never regret it.  They hold everything and last forever.  Classic and simple, they never go out of style.

 I am packing my new purchases and heading with the Family to a friend’s Beach House this weekend.

I can’t wait for a little R&R.

I hope you all have an fabulous long weekend!

xoxo Carrie

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