Want to See What Paradise Looks Like?

We were lucky enough to be invited to my friend Olivia’s Beach House over Memorial Day Weekend. It’s been in her family for generations.  The weekend was beyond my expectations. Pure magic lives with in this Gated Beach community.  I feel like I would be a trader mentioning the name of the place or really anything about it. It’s a tight lipped group and houses are not sold here, there are handed down from generation to generation.  I want to be invited back so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

#5 Patio


Cute Kitchen

Living Room Bookcases


It was a 72 hour play date for kids, dogs and adults alike.

 The laughter, wine and food flowed….in home massages, vintage shopping, and sunset cocktails. Kids playing outside all day. Dogs running on the beach.  Long Walks.  I came back refreshed and focused.

A dose of Paradise with do that.

xoxo Carrie

Mark Your Calendars! Ferrick Mason is Having a One Kings Lane Sale

Set your alarms, (all of them) so you don’t miss out!


 One Kings Lane


6/5 Tuesday

8:00 AM Pacific Time

I am in LOVE with the entire textile line. For All You Angelino’s you can find the fabric at Thomas Lavin Showroom and other showrooms across the country.

Alex & Brian promise many amazing found pieces and items using their fabulous fabrics.  If being an amazing textile maven wasn’t enough, Alex Mason is also a tatlented artist.  Some of her work will be featured in the sale which is a big bonus.

Here’s a sneak peek!

There will be many more wonderful items in the sale, when the sale starts grab your goodies asap.  The sale is only on for three days and items go fast!

For those who do not know about One Kings Lane, here’s the scoop

” One Kings Lane is an elegant, curated online
sales site. We bring our members a spectacular, hand-picked selection of top-brand and designer items at up to 70% off suggested retail prices”

Sign Up Today.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Carrie

Traveling to Los Angeles? I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine…..

Know anyone traveling to Los Angeles?

I’ve got the answer!

The Museum Row Guest House

It’s the perfect hideout for a Los Angeles visit.

Do you have parents coming and you want them close by, but not under foot?

Are you an actor who needs a comfy place to crash during pilot season?

Want to experience LA in a comfortable “home” enviornment instead of a hotel?

Are you here on an extended business stay and need a home away from home?

This is a great solution!

The Museum Row Guest House is the brain child of couple Merritt Price and Carla Roth.  The perfect hosts. I know this first hand because they’ve had me over for dinner.  Merritt is an astounding cook and Carla is warm and inviting.  They make you feel right at home, the food is incredible, wine and conversation flows. On top of all that, they have impeccable taste and design ascetic. No detail is over looked and they have carried this lifestyle over to their Museum Row Guest House.

The Kitchen Area

The Guest House is 524 Square feet, eco-friendly, with a private electronic security system, and its own private sitting area, nestled on a tree line street in the centrally located Wilshire Vista neighborhood.  Amenities galore: A Breakfast Welcome Basket, 42″ High Tech TV, Wi Fi, equipped kitchen, high-end 100% cotton linens, Rain Fall Shower, Plush bathrobes, the list goes on.

The Bedroom

The Breakfast “Welcome Basket”

Private Sitting Area

Get on-line ASAP to reserve your dates!  The word is getting out.

Museum Row Guest House 

xoxo Carrie

The Find- A Must Have Beach Towel for Summer!

I just ordered new Beach Towels for the Family and I must say they are the bomb!

I’ve taken them to the pool a couple of times and have received numerous compliments.

I just had to share.

Vintage Island Print Beach Towel

Land’s End

I ordered the towels from Land’s End.  I know Land’s End is kind of old school, but I have to say their swimsuits and beach towels never fail me.  This order was no exception.  These cuties are extra long (over 6 feet), fluffy, soft, and the trim is an adorable gingham.  I monogrammed everything in Navy.  The towels are available in Red/Navy/Green Island Print. The best part is the affordable $35 price tag.

Check my towel out!

Adorable Gingham Trim.

I went with red because I already own red LL Bean Boat & Totes for the Family.  A Boat & Tote is a must have, a household staple.  Buy one, and you’ll never regret it.  They hold everything and last forever.  Classic and simple, they never go out of style.

 I am packing my new purchases and heading with the Family to a friend’s Beach House this weekend.

I can’t wait for a little R&R.

I hope you all have an fabulous long weekend!

xoxo Carrie

Please Set The Table.

Photo: www.thefoundblog.com

I think one should set the table every night.  It is a good way to keep your family at the table longer, it prompts conversation.  It sets a good precedence for your children, by setting the stage for learning table manners.  I am astonished how many kids and adults  do not know where a knife and fork should be placed.  Paper napkins send me over the edge and soda bottles on a table make me cringe. If you routinely eat on a paper plate you need a time out.  Save those for the picnics!

Photo: The 10 minute dinner table setting

I can sense the eye rolls.  I know we are all super busy, time is tight and some may think it is silly to put effort into setting a table.  It  seems like every day is “Casual Friday” and I think it should stop. What’s so wrong with a little formality?  I am not suggesting we put on a suit to travel or wear white gloves, just simply take the time to set your dinner table.  I timed it.  It takes 5-10 minutes to set a table with plates, napkins, silverware, and a place mat.

Photo: Caroline’s Placemat

 Give your children the job of setting the table so they know how it is done, do it with them and then set them free and let them do a table scape themselves.  Caroline has drawn place mats for us, picked flowers, pine cones, special rocks or shells when she set our table. It was a great activity and it kept her busy and out of my hair while I cooked dinner.

 I will admit I do use paper napkins when there is a messy dish such as ribs or if it is lunch on the run, but I try to routinely use cloth napkins.  It’s so much nicer.  You can use a tip from Lulu Powers, author of “Lulu Powers, Food to Flowers” and go to Ikea, buy some $0 .79 cent dish towels.  Buy a ton and keep them folded in a cute basket so you have them at your fingertips. They wash nicely and even look better with wear.  If they get too stained then throw them out or use them a dust cloths.

So for those who need a reminder here is a diagram of a proper table setting.  Keep in mind the daily meal setting will be much simpler so don’t freak about the 12 different pieces!

 Photo: weddingsandeventsbymuse.com

I may loose you here….How about pulling out the Wedding China out on a regular day?   Who says you have to keep it for a special occasion?  I like to have a “fancy” dinner night where I use all the good stuff, but I serve breakfast for dinner.


 Photo: www.paloma81.blogspot.com

So go open your linen cabinet and pull out your napkins and table clothes and start setting your table!

Just do it!

xo Carrie