Boxwood Bonaza

I have always adored Boxwood.

Crisp Clean, Classic, it adds a simple sophistication to any landscaping, table scape, and indoor or outdoor decor.

It’s easy to maintain, not much upkeep since the plant is such a slow grower.  It’s evergreen so it looks as gorgeous in May as it does in December.

I decided to take a drive and photograph some neighborhood homes that showcase my adored boxwood.

This Hancock Park House uses a variety of Boxwood shaped balls to add depth the their front yard landscaping.

 One of my  neighborhood favorites.

 This Hancock Park beauty nailed it.


 I love the crisp manicured hedges of Boxwood lining the way to this Windsor Square Home.


I love the entry setting to this house in my Beverly Grove neighborhood.

Lou Penning Landscape, Inc.

The Russian Sage and Simple Boxwood hedge works well with the Grey exterior and flower filled window boxes.

The flagstone/boxwood combo is fantastic.

I love using Boxwood to decorate a table, this is a simple yet chic way to decorate.

I used boxwood for my wedding…topiaries everywhere and in simple candle wreaths all over the tables and through out the venue.

I love planting boxwood balls in containers.  I have 6 and the collection is growing.

A perfect front porch greeting.

xoxo Carrie

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