Boxwood Bonaza

I have always adored Boxwood.

Crisp Clean, Classic, it adds a simple sophistication to any landscaping, table scape, and indoor or outdoor decor.

It’s easy to maintain, not much upkeep since the plant is such a slow grower.  It’s evergreen so it looks as gorgeous in May as it does in December.

I decided to take a drive and photograph some neighborhood homes that showcase my adored boxwood.

This Hancock Park House uses a variety of Boxwood shaped balls to add depth the their front yard landscaping.

 One of my  neighborhood favorites.

 This Hancock Park beauty nailed it.


 I love the crisp manicured hedges of Boxwood lining the way to this Windsor Square Home.


I love the entry setting to this house in my Beverly Grove neighborhood.

Lou Penning Landscape, Inc.

The Russian Sage and Simple Boxwood hedge works well with the Grey exterior and flower filled window boxes.

The flagstone/boxwood combo is fantastic.

I love using Boxwood to decorate a table, this is a simple yet chic way to decorate.

I used boxwood for my wedding…topiaries everywhere and in simple candle wreaths all over the tables and through out the venue.

I love planting boxwood balls in containers.  I have 6 and the collection is growing.

A perfect front porch greeting.

xoxo Carrie

25 Years Ago…..

I am headed to my 25th college reunion this week.  Please don’t do the math.

I haven’t seen some of my old pals since we walked across the stage to receive our diplomas.  So much has happened in our lives since then yet so much stays the same.  I land on Friday and will head straight for the campus bar “Peggy’s” to meet the KKG gals.

It is going to be a great weekend.

Here is what was going on 25 years ago.

I was sporting a Swatch Watch

Spraying Sebastian Shpritz Forte all over my bi-level hair cut

Cindy Crawford was doing GAP ads

 Michael Jackson was still cool and not creepy.

Fatal Attraction was the top grossing movie of the year.

Anna Wintour put out her first Vogue Cover.

Camp Beverly Hills Clothing was the Peak of Chic


 Clara Peller was screaming “Where’s the Beef” for Wendy’s.

I  would spend many an afternoon at the KKG house watching General Hospital (GH), eating Monster Cookies and nursing a hang over resulting from way  too many wine coolers.

 I wonder if they still have Bartles and James on the menu at Peggy’s?

 I wonder if I’ll be dancing on the bar like I did in 1987.

 I think there may be a good chance of it.  I think I still have it in me.

xoxo Carrie

Stop and Smell The Roses

I woke up this morning and went on a quiet Sunday morning walk all by myself.  Not a peep from anyone on my block.  I took the time to take in the crisp morning air  and to do some thinking.  It was so good for the body and the soul.

The walk was also filled with beauty.  Lot’s of Spring flowers popping up every where.  I had to share with you.


So do yourself a favor and carve out a little time for yourself.

Take a deep breath and just breath.

Stop and Smell the Roses.

It’s worth it.

xoxo Carrie

Pretty As A Peacock

I love Peacock Blue.

A punch of this color in any room or in your wardrobe makes a bold, bright and rich statement.

I have always loved this look from Miles Redd and the late great Domino Magazine.  It’s held up since it’s publication in 2005 and will continue to do so for years to come.

Photo: Domino Magazine

The garden stools add a great pop of color and pull the seating area together. The color looks great with the neutral background and also with other strong colors such as the gorgeous deep eggplant bench.


This settee below is a real statement piece.  It actually would look great in my master bedroom. Just saying….


Domino did it again with this room.  The paint in conjunction with the different textured rugs and white mirror and chandelier makes the room bright, contemporary with a little classic twist,  a great curated look.


The blues in this room with the orange ceiling are dynamite. I always love this color with a golden yellow.  You can see how well they work together with the side chair.


Are you kidding Windsor Smith?  The striped fabric on the settee and wall paper make me swoon.

I was just in NYC and I popped into The Rag & Bone Store in the West Village.  I found these jeans and had to have them. My  dear husband started humming “Jump” By Van Halen when he saw me in them at the store.  He came around when he saw them paired with a simple black cashmere sweater and black flats. He agreed that they were not too “David Lee Roth” and now they are one of his favorite on me.

Rag & Bone Peacock Jeans

I have an obsession with china and dish ware.  I dream one day of having a “China Room” where I could store and display all my sets and the ones that have yet to be discovered. I want floor to ceiling glass cabinets that are lit from the inside….I digress.  I love this little tea cup and saucer and the color would work with a gold rimmed china set.  The splash of color adds sophistication and a touch of whimsy to a dining table.

The power of the peacock does not stop at decor and fashion.  Check out the Peacock Feather Cupcakes.  To die for, especially with the devils food cake peaking out under the frosting. Yummy and Gorgeous.

So add a little pretty peacock pop to your life!

xoxo Carrie

 Top Peacock Photo: