The Perfect Gift For A Friend with A New Baby. Hint: It’s not a Onesie.


My friend Heather had a baby boy 14 days ago.  I contemplated getting her some cute designer duds for her little man, but then I realized what a new Mom really needs (besides sleep) is time.  Especially, time away from the kitchen by having a couple of meals ready and waiting  for her and her family.  I knew that would be a much better gift  than an overpriced onesie from Fred Segal.  I remember my friend Keary brought me a lovely pork roast and full on dinner spread right after Caroline was born and I appreciated that gift above most others.

I think when choosing a meal for a family with a newborn it is best to do a one pot meal. Easy to prep and serve.  Avoid any veggies or foods that are…well no delicate way to put it…gas makers.  It helps the wee ones at feeding time.

Barefoot Contessa “Back to Basics”

I decided to make some Italian Wedding Soup for the family.  It’s a great thing to make because it’s a meal in itself and easy to heat up.  All you need is a crunchy loaf of bread and some creamy irish butter, simple salad and you’re set.  I used Ina Garten’s  recipe from her  “Back to Basics” Cookbook.  I have made it several times and it never fails to please.

This is my Italian Wedding Soup in it’s final stages.

Photo: Vegas and Food Blog

Because I didn’t have oodles of time to cook, I hit LA’s go to Gourmet Take Out Mecca,  Joan’s on Third to finish out the gift bag.  They have an amazing array of  cheeses, salads, sandwiches, pre-made salads, frozen homemade soups and baked goods.  I filled my care package with Home Made Potato Chips, Ficele with fromage d’affinois & apricot glazed ham sandwiches, two yummy side salads, chocolate dipped pretzels for Big Brother G, Cookies and frozen scones that could be popped into the oven and heated for breakfast the next morning.


The phone call and appreciation in my friend’s voice made me realize that the gift of food was the way to go.

So next time you’re thinking buying of those really cute onesie’s for your friend with a newborn,  put it down and start cooking!

xoxo Carrie

4 responses

  1. I just made Ina’s Italian Wedding Soup for the first time on Monday! It was very yummy and the entire family loved it! I have had the recipe for years … not sure why it took me so long to make?? It is a keeper. I bet your friend and family enjoyed it, too! What a wonderful gift you gave her!

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  3. This is the best baby present a girl could hope for! Seriously the most delicious soup in memory—and so comforting, thoughtful, generous, delicious—all those good things. Thank you, Carrie!!!

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