Obsession: Fallon Lion Wrap Bracelet

I’m a Leo.

We Leo’s obviously love lions.

I love what a lion represents and it seemed fitting that one be my company logo.

So when I was peering into the jewelry case at Barney’s and spied the Fallon Lion Wrap bracelet, I couldn’t leave without it.

Photo: www.charmandchain.com

I love the take on the lion door knocker.

My one of my company colors is orange so had to get that version of the bracelet.

It’s a business expense, right?

And with the $160 price point it didn’t break the bank,


I had to get the earrings too.

Check out other great Fallon items by the talented Dana Lorenz at:


or her higher end line


xoxo Carrie

Saturday Night Dinner Party


Saturday Night Dinner Party

Dinner for 6


Comfortable and Casual

Roaring Fire

Backgammon and Scrabble

Dress Code

Flannel Pajama’s

Bath Robes


Stubbs & Wooten


Comfort Food

Chicken and Dumplings

Bibb Lettuce Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Root Beer Floats


Ranunculus in simple vases


The Alabama Shakes





The Take Away

Mariebelle Hot Chocolate

Williams Sonoma

xoxo Carrie

So Colorful

Obsessing Over


So perfect for over flow seating for dinner parties

They fold up for easy storage

Photo: www.feedgeeks.net

Coffee + Pantone Mugs = good way to start the day

Office Organization

Photo: www.utilitydesign.co.uk

Buy a gift for a friend in their favorite color

Love these limited edition stools

Photo: http://www.barberosgerby.com/work/all/79/

So much cuter than the Colgate version I have in my medicine cabinet.

 I picked some up from West Elm the other day

Photo: www.blogandbuysale.com

Such a grind

I kind of want to graffiti something

xoxo Carrie

Hello Yellow

  Hello Yellow

I am officially obsessing over the color yellow.

Maybe the daffodils did it.  So bright and cheery on my breakfast room table.

Yellow was my favorite color as a kid.

 My room was wall papered in a delicate yellow rose pattern.

 Today I’d do a little something like this


 Love the curtains in this room

Yellow shoes are awesome.

 I have four pairs myself.

My pal Heather is not a fan of yellow when used in home decor, but she has no problem throwing a little splash yellow goodness on her feet.

Everyone should.

  Yellow can knock on my door anytime

xoxo Carrie


Saturday Night Dinner Party

Saturday Night Dinner Party

The Mood

Simple/ Intimate/Casual

Dinner for 4

 The Menu

Ina Garten’s Herb Roasted Salmon

Lulu Powers Quinoa

(Her tip is to use her recipe as a base and make it your own.  I like to add roasted zucchini and toasted pine nuts.)

Apple & Onions Holiday Salad

Photo: www.applesandonions.com

Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding

Photo: www.redeyechicago.com

The Music

Django Reinhardt

The Flowers

Simple Yellow in Julip Cups or Jelly Jars


The Table

Photo: Lonny Magazine

Interior Design: Michelle Adams

Photo: Heath Ceramics

Photo: John Robshaw

I think this table cloth would look great with the blue and white striped chairs

Photo: esty

The Take Away

I always try to send my guests home with a little something.

 Blueberry Scones to have with coffee in the morning.

 Photo: www.opensourcefood.com

xoxo Carrie

Cabin Fever

It’s a rainy day in February and I figure there is no better time to plan a summer get away. I can’t wait.  We are going with my sisters and their families to one of our favorite places on earth…Wisconsin.   Yep, it’s true, Wisconsin.

We have been going to the same place and staying in the same two cabins since were kids. Nothing has changed, especially the routines.

Mornings begin on Adirondack chairs sipping strong, freshly brewed coffee under 50 year+ Hudson’s Bay Blankets, no one talks until bellies start growling. We then venture off to pick wild blue berries for muffins or pancakes and wild flowers for the dining room table.  Days are spent swimming on the crystal clear lake, fishing, canoeing, the kids run free through the woods and only show up for food.  Evenings we sit on the old porch swing enjoying cocktails while watching the sun set, play family games such as Sardines, Charades or Scrabble, and when the cocktails have been plentiful, full on renditions of old camp songs start. Just before bedtime we will venture down to the dock to gaze at the amazing constellation of stars, often sharing the moment with a family of deer drinking from the lake. It is magical.

I can’t wait to go back to a place were simple things still exist and cell phone towers don’t.

What are your summer plans?

Photo 1, 2, 3, 6, & 7 from my camera Photo 4: dann-online, Photo 5: And All The Trimmings Blog

Sweet Heart

 Valentine’s Day

What to get your Sweet Heart?

For the Chef


For the Philanthropist


For the Art Lover

For the Beauty Queen


For the Jewelry Lover


For the Flower Lover


For the Mom

xoxo Carrie

Bike in Style

I don’t have a bike and I want one. I’d like to peddle to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a few things or to zip over to a friend’s house. I need a basket of course and I think I have to get this one for the name alone…” Carrie Basket”.

I am a Fornasetti addict, so this would be my dream bike.

Fornasetti Bike

Missed the “Missoni for Target” boat. When I got to the store (30 minutes after they opened btw) all they had were a couple random towels, but would have loved to have scored this beauty.

Do you think Tom Ford has one in his garage from his Gucci days?

Gucci Bike

But I think this bike is going to be mine….it feels right, it’s affordable, a west coast company makes it and it’s retro-chic.

Linus Bike

 xoxo Carrie